Desktop timers


For all fields as school, sports, laboratories and industry.

With the MESOTRON HANHART offers a quartz- controlled, analog table/wall timer.

Due to the ergonomic design, this timer has optimal stability. Hands are visible at night.


PRISMA 200/400

In response to customer demand, we have designed a series of table timers: PRISMA 200 and PRISMA 400. Two interval UP-DOWN-timers for the applica- tion in industry, in schools, in laboratories, sporting events and for the home.

The PRISMA-serie has a solid ABS plastic case and adjustable alarm signal.


631.4031-00 Mesotron

0-60 sec. + 1/100 min.

626.2625-00 Prisma 400

White case

4 timers

Selectable: 1/10 sec. or 1/100 min.

625.2625-00 Prisma 200

White case

2 timers

Selectable: 1/10 sec. or 1/100 min.