The delivery program comprises of a large number of useful accessories for time recording:

  • writing boards
  • fixing elements
  • safekeeping cases
  • light barrier
  • quality certificates


for mechanical stopwatches

Protective rubber cover

for 1 digital stopwatch with 1-button operation provides added protection against shock, water and harsch envirorments durable


The SYSTEMA writing board is a handy device to support time recording. The upper part offers an exchangeable insert to fix either digital (Clip) or mechanical (Clamp) stopwatch (see photo), so that it is usable for right or left handed persons. SYSTEMA has an integrated penholder as weIl as a paperclip for a paper block.

The device is easily usable with carrying strap or handle.

Exclusive leather-writing-board

Hand finished for mechanical stopwatches delivery without stopwatches.

Calibration of stopwatches

The calibration of timing devices and stopwatches is always more important in relation to the ISO- certification IS0 9000 ff.

HANHART offers a calibration service, including the calibration of stopwatches as well as certificate indicating working precision.

Calibration certificates can be issued for the following stopwatches:

  • all mechanical stopwatches except FELIX
  • stopwatches – for digital stopwatches as DELTA, MODUL, ACCORD, MAGMA, PROFIL, STOPSTAR, SPECTRON, MESOTRON, PRISMA