Addition timers in ABS-case

Addition timer in an ABS case

Besides timers in a metallic case Hanhart offers price convenient addition timers in a functional plastic ABS case. They are very light and easy and safe to operate.

"Lumen" addition timer with a luminescent dial

For industrial applications and especially for laboratory needs Hanhart offers two precision movement timers with luminescent dials.

As soon as the special dial is "charged" with light (approx. after 1 hour), it emits light in the dark for about 3 – 4 hours, ensuring good legibility. For this purpose no additional energy or radiant materials are used.

This useful property is obtained by means of an innovative plastic material with light-storing pigments. The functional plastic ABS case of the LUMEN models has extended protection against dust and water.

In a special production process the glass and the glass collar are moulded at the same time and firmly screwed to the case.

These timers can be naturally used classically for sports purposes.


141.0134-00 Amigo

Pin lever, 1 jewel, 1/5 sec. 30 min.

Case Ø 55 mm, weight 85 g

141.0434-00 Amigo

Pin lever, 1 jewel, 1/10 sec. 15 min.

Case Ø 55 mm, weight 85 g

141.6434-00 Amigo

Pin lever, 1 jewel, 1/5 sec. 60 min.

Case Ø 55 mm, weight 85 g

Refereeś watch 20, 35, 45 and

60 min.marked in yellow


1 jewel 
1/10 sec. 15 min.