115.0501-00 Big 1/10 sec.

115.0501-00 Big 1/10 sec.

Lever, 7 jewels

1/10 sec. 5 min.

Running time approx. 3 hours

Case Ø 55 mm, weight 120 g


115.0501-00 Big 1/10 sec.

Crown stopper

“Robust 100“

Precision mechanics with mineral

glass and metal crown.

With this special model, Hanhart

has taken account of the requirements

of industry and craftsmen.

The glass parts are resistant to

scratching and acid. The metal

crown is extremely resistant to

solvents and thinners.

Especially suitable for use in the

chemical industry, paint workshops

or photographic laboratories.

“Big 1/10sec.“

A particular speciality of Hanhart

precision mechanics is the stopwatch

with large-scale 1/10sec.


“Pulse/breathing rate“

Specially for measuring pulse and

breathing rate. Based on 15 pulse

beats or 5 breaths.


This stopwatch with its special

tachy- and telemeter scales is ideal

for accurate speed control.

Outer scale: Tachymeter, speedometer

Measuring distance: 200 m

Middle scale: 1/5sec. gradation

Inner scale: Telemeter,

                      noise level


                      up to 20 km


See description